Summer Pack Trips with N.H.D.O.

The Ruby Mountains and East Humboldt wilderness is comprised of a Narrow Range of Mountains sixty miles in length and ten to fifteen miles in width. These mountains are packed with a variety of Hanging Valley canyons, Towering Peaks, Alpine Lakes, Mountain Streams and year long snow fields. In the middle of this splendor is the magnificent Lamoille Canyon, or as some call it "Nevada's Yosemite". The Canyon with its scored U shaped Canyons, large waterfall's and rugged beauty created by the last Ice Age. It is a must see.

The region has two dozen alpine lakes packed with Brook, Rainbow and the rare Lahonton Cutthroat Trout. It also has numerous high mountain meadows which are covered in wild flowers throughout the summer months. These valleys range from 8,000 to 10,000 feet in elevation. The wilderness has ten peaks towering over ten thousand feet with the highest being the Ruby Dome at 11,387 feet.

Along with this majestic peaks and scenic beauty is an abundant amount of wildlife. The Ruby's are home to the largest Mule Deer herd in Nevada. It also supports Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Mountain Goat, Sage Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Blue an Rough Grouse, Numerous birds of prey, Chucker, and Quail. You may also get the chance to see one of the rarest Birds in North America or the world and that is the Himalayan Snow Cock. This Bird lives wild amongst the towering cliffs and peaks of this vast wilderness.

These are some of the reasons this Wilderness which raise some 5,000 feet above the sage brush flats is a must see. Who better to explore this vast wilderness with than Nevada High Desert Outfitters and its experienced guides. Our knowledge of the trails, wildlife, horses, and hidden hot spots will make your visit to one of North America's true wild places, a memory that will last forever.

The Ruby Crest Trail includes the most spectacular alpine lake scenery. It runs along the upper elevations of the Ruby Mountains, just outside of Elko, Nevada. It is approximately 38 miles in length, and the trail is used by recreationists to experience the beauty of the alpine lakes and the upper elevation extraordinary scenery. It is known to be some of the best in the western United States. We would be glad to accommodate and entertain you on your journey across the trail.

With our summer trips you will enjoy: Photography, fishing, horseback riding, back packing and wildlife viewing.

Horseback Trail Riding

  • Full Day 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
  • Half Day 8:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

One Day Fully Guided Fishing, Hiking, and Sightseeing Trips to Alpine Lakes

  • Ruby Mountain and East Humboldt Alpine Lakes

Guided 4-day Pack-in Trips **(All inclusive Package)

  • Fishing, Backpacking, Photography, and Wildlife Viewing

Drop Pack-in Camps - Unlimited Stay in the Mountains

  • Use personal camping gear or outfitters camping equipment
  • Additional pack horses available for excess gear, for an additional charge

Multiple Lake trips from ranch

  • Stay at the Ranch (lodging, and three meals included)
  • See different alpine Lakes each day

Ruby Crest Trail Pack trips 4 days, 3 nights Stay in the Wilderness

  • Fishing, Sightseeing, Lodging, Food, Wildlife Viewing, hiking.
  • All-inclusive Package. All you have to bring is personal gear.

Come Ride With Us!

  • Mountain Biking Trips- day trips. Call for more information.

Please call for pricing on all trips.*

*Prices are based on a minimum of two people per trip.
A Fishing license and Trout Stamp is required and not included in price.
10 percent discount on Children 12 and under.
A 50 percent deposit is due upon booking and the remainder is due 10 days before trip dates.
A contract will be signed with dates, and pricing.

PS - Here's a suggested Gear List to help you out.

Contact: Mitch Buzzetti
Phone: 775-738-4082
Licensed and Insured,
Permits on BLM and Humboldt National Forest

Nevada Cougar Hunts with Nevada High Desert Outfitters

Nevada High Desert Outfitters Nevada High Desert Outfitters
Nevada High Desert Outfitters Nevada High Desert Outfitters
Nevada High Desert Outfitters Nevada High Desert Outfitters
Nevada High Desert Outfitters Nevada High Desert Outfitters

List of Alpine Lake we can guide you to:
Grey's Favre/Castle
Boulder Dollars
Winchell Lamoille
Overland Liberty
Griswold Cold
Echo Verdi
Island Furlong